Spring Plumbing Checklist

Spring Plumbing Checklist

As we ease towards Memorial Day, the weather is getting warmer and warmer here in the Omaha Metro area.  We see more and more people out and about in their yards and gardens, washing cars and siding, watering, and cleaning up the winter mess.  Many people have already had some unpleasant plumbing surprises from the winter cold.  Follow the checklist to keep yourself from getting surprised.


Check for Leaks

A quick visual inspection can save you hassle and money.  Check under sinks, at the base of faucets and toilet, and a quick look at exposed pipes and your floor drain.  If you see water where it doesn’t belong, determine the source and get things put right.  Call if you need help.  Leaks can waste hundreds of gallons of water, cause rot and mold, and take away from the value of your home.


Check the Outside Faucets and Sprinkler System

Among the biggest surprises of spring can be after you wash your car for the first time and then come in to find a flood in the basement. Frozen and broken sillcocks are common around here.  If the water isn’t coming out with the same pressure as before, check in the basement…FAST!


Do a Water Use Audit

Now that winter has passed, it’s a good time to sit down and total your water use and costs.  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has created a database of purchase and installation costs for water heating equipment and energy-efficient upgrades. Take the guesswork out of water use costs with this helpful guide: NREL Efficiency Database.

If your water heater is broken, over 15 years old, or repairs will cost more than half of replacement, it’s a good time to consider a system upgrade. Talk to a Premier Plumber to determine if a repair or replacement is best. Sometimes, simple improvements such as insulating pipes or flushing your water tank can make the difference.

Schedule for a Complete Home Plumbing Inspection

Call Premier Home services and get a licensed Master Plumber to do a comprehensive check of your plumbing system.  This service is often done at no cost, and can save time, money, and grief in the future. Call 402-895-9500 to schedule today.

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