Air Conditioner and Furnace Rebates

As winter is winding down and spring is on its way, Premier Home Services (Omaha Metro/Southwest Iowa company) has decided to help make energy efficient heating and cooling equipment more affordable. If you’re in the market for a new furnace or air conditioner, an eco-friendly, high-efficiency unit could be more affordable than you think, not only saving you money on new equipment but helping you save on your power bills as well.

We don’t need to spend a lot of time discussing the long term positive impact energy efficient equipment has. However, one of the biggest benefits in Nebraska and Iowa is lower emissions, which means better air quality. Not only does the equipment burn cleaner, putting off fewer emissions, but it also uses less energy, putting less dependence on emissions-producing power plants.

Even with all the benefits, many people still don’t choose to install energy efficient equipment. And usually, it comes down to cost. Some homeowners are reluctant to upgrade to high efficiency appliances because they can be more expensive up front than other models. This is where Premier Home Services is stepping up and trying to help.
“There are lots of ways Premier Home Services tries to make high-efficiency equipment more affordable for homeowners,” says Tony Hoffman, co-owner of Premier Home Services. Tony continues, “Financing options, extra discounts, our recycling program, not to mention the generous manufacturer and utility incentives…if you’re in the market for new HVAC equipment, it’s never been more affordable.”

Furthermore, Premier Home Services has partnered with several lenders that specialize in home improvement, such as upgrading heating and cooling systems to be more energy efficient. With the housing market booming and the economy surging, lenders are better able to help homeowners utilize this kind of financing.

But here’s where you really start to save.

$2,500 in Trane Rebates

In addition to any qualifying rebates, Trane, Premier Home Services’ main line of HVAC equipment, has some incentives on their line of high-efficiency models. Customers can receive up to $2,500 on a qualified Trane comfort system.

OPPD, NPPD, Black Hills, and other energy companies also have incentives and rebates based on the level of efficiency of the equipment installed.

Premier Home Services is willing to give an additional $500 discount per piece of equipment. That means if you were replacing your furnace and air conditioner you would receive $1,000 off at the time of purchase. Premier Home Services has been recycling the old equipment they replace. Not too long ago, they started passing those savings on to the customer in the form of a recycling rebate of up to $200. Which adds up to an additional $1,200 more in savings. In addition to all the other savings, that’s a possible $3,700 off, or more off your system.

The thing I like most about this deal is that you know exactly where Premier Home Services came up with the numbers and why. The fact of the matter is, they can’t offer this deal all the time. They are only offering these savings until the busy season hits, which they expect to happen soon. So call now to talk to a licensed HVAC expert about designing an energy efficient system for your home! 402-895-9500

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